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HP predictive modems

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Raymond F
Frequent Advisor

HP predictive modems

I have 2 new N-class systems. I did not receive any modems with these sytems. The vendor is telling me that HP support should be proviing these modems. When I call HP, I get someone who obviously has no experience with HP3000 telling me that I should not be using Predictive. Can someone please give me the straight story on HP Support Predictive modems? As I recall, HP has always provided them. How do I go about requesting modems if they are supplied by HP?
Eric Sorensen_1
Honored Contributor

Re: HP predictive modems

Hello Ray,

If you have a hardware support agreement with HP, then Predictive is supported and you are entitled to a support-link modem for use with Predictive. There is now only one modem for Pred: MT56 and the kit's part number is 0960-1074 (includes MT56 modem, power-supply, and datacomm cable).

I am very sorry about the incorrect response... what can I say...if you give me serial numbers, I will open a hardware case and ask them to mail you a modem kit for each system.

The Response Center's Predictive team does not support MPE. If you have any problem with Predictive, I suggest you call the Response Center and open a SOFTWARE case, and you will be connected with my team (MPE OS-- software), and most members of our team know Predictive very well.
A problem well defined is half solved.
Chuck Ciesinski
Honored Contributor

Re: HP predictive modems


As Eric said, you need to be under support with HP to get a modem. Not sure as to what level of hardware/software support you need to be at. AT one time, there was talk about 'Predictive' only going to CSS support, but I do not believe that HP implemented that policy.

Did you sign up for support when you acquired the systems? That would be a starting point...

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Fred Metcalf
Trusted Contributor

Re: HP predictive modems

We keep hearing the statement that Predictive has been discontinued. HP never implemented a local predictive dial-up number and for MPE we used to obtain non-expiring code words to compensate for that. Now we are told we can only get code words valid for 3 months and must re-apply every 3 months.
What do you know about that?
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Eric Sorensen_1
Honored Contributor

Re: HP predictive modems

Hello Fred,

MPE's Predictive has not been discontinued (will be supported until 2006), but support of Predictive on hp9000s ends this April.

As far as I know, codewords have always been valid for a two-year period. It is possible to generate codewords with specific expiration dates, but this is rarely done (I have never done it). If you can provide me with a serial number, I will check the current status of Pred's codeword.

Predictive calls the Response Center every three months for a "heartbeat check". It has used the same "800" number for so long... it is printed in my Pred CE manual with a 1992 publication date. I do not understand why you need a "local predictive dial-up number". I do not have long-distance service on my phone, yet I can dial 800 numbers... In my opinion, the greatest benefit from Pred is the ability to sometimes find a pending failure, call the Response Center, and have an engineer ready to go with parts even before the customer is aware there is a problem. If I were supporting a production system, I would ensure Pred had a working telephone line...
A problem well defined is half solved.