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Modem configuration for DTC 16MX

Brian Tou
Occasional Visitor

Modem configuration for DTC 16MX

I have a US Robotics 56K Faxmodem and a 33.6 Sportster modem connected to DTC 16MX, using HP40233A cable. (cable end: computer to DTC and dataset to modem)I can connect to but I get no login prompt. The curson just blinks. We are running MPE 7.0.

On the NMMGR DTS profile:
Terminal type 10
Line speed 19200
Record width 80
Modem type 1
Modem bahavior 1
Number of stop bits 1
Hardware handshaking N
Enable flow control Y
Reet HP terminal N
Speed/Parity sending Y
Allow: HELLO login Y
NLIO device N

My Modem DIP switches:

Any help would be breatly appreciated.

Ross Martin
Trusted Contributor

Re: Modem configuration for DTC 16MX

Brian, you may need to get access the modem to set it to defaults:

Start with dip switches 3, 7, 8 DOWN/ON and leave the rest UP/OFF.

Set to defaults with at&f then at&w to write to the register.

wChange dip switch 7 to UP/OFF, (leave 3, 8 DOWN/ON)

Cycle the power on the modem.

Now try it. If that doesn't work, contact 3Com/US Robotics for correct modem setting for MPE using Hardware Flow Control.
Alexander M. Ermes
Honored Contributor

Re: Modem configuration for DTC 16MX

Hi there.
Check this URL. It might give you some ideas.

Alexander M. Ermes
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