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Predictive Support Print Page problem

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Predictive Support Print Page problem


I have a HPe3000 927 server that has Predictive Support on it. Every day, it prints out the Predictive Support Print Page, which is a problem because:

1. it's out of date, and
2. it's annoying and wastes paper.

I have all the necessary passwords but I don't know how to stop this feature from occuring. Any assistance is appreciated.


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Re: Predictive Support Print Page problem

Hello Matt,

Predicitve will generate an action summary report every time it runs.

By default, the priority of the report is set to 8; you can lower its priority so it won't print and it will remain in the system spooler. Here's how to change the priority of the action summary report to 1:

1) Logon as manager.sys


3) The main menu displays. Select #4 (Configuration Option Menu)

4) Select #6 (Reports output options)

5) Select #2 (SENDACT) and reply as follows:

Type report destination (D=Device; F=File) or // to cancel: D
Type device class or LDEV number or // to cancel: LP
Type environment file name, or press RETURN to leave blank or // to cancel:
Type output priority (1-13) or RETURN to default to 8 or // to cancel: 1

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Re: Predictive Support Print Page problem

Thanks! I'll try it out!

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event