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Predictive Warning message. What to do?

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Predictive Warning message. What to do?

Hi, Forum Members,

The last couple of days, we've received the following message from predictive:

WARNING - 5:10 AM, 11/23/04 -
Filename changed from PMDCFILE.HP51467 to PMDCFILE.PRED.SYS

However, I can't find either of those two files. The header of the predictive report indicates that Warnings suggest user action, and to refer to the 'HP Predictive Support User Guide'.

I searched on and cannot find that manual anywhere. Can someone clue me in either as to what to do to respond to the message, or how to find that document?

Kwan Fong, Emile
Honored Contributor

Re: Predictive Warning message. What to do?

Hello John,

The Predictive/iX PMDCFILE file is the file used to transfer datas to the HP Response Center.

The warning message may indicate that Predictive/iX has not been able to dial out for a long time. If Preditive/iX is not used or if you do not have Hardware Support with HP (required for Predictive/iX run), then simply turn off Predictive/iX schedule run.
King is the customer!

Re: Predictive Warning message. What to do?

Thank you. That may be what it was. We had some sort of problem with the phone line a few days ago -- the predictive log shows that it tried 10-12 times unsucessfully that night, and the warning appeared the next day. Last night's run appeared to work correctly; the message in the log file was:

Run Time & Date: 5:00 AM, 11/24/04

INFORMATIONAL - 5:07 AM, 11/24/04 - Transfer(100)
upload of PSDCFILE.PRED.SYS 3 total records

so it looks like it's okay now.
Fred Metcalf
Trusted Contributor

Re: Predictive Warning message. What to do?

Wow, some people have all the luxury! ;-)
In this country HP support has never managed to provide us with a Predictive dialup facility despite several requests since they re-opened for business in 1997. We have to email the run report to ourselves to check.
Missing MPE :-)