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Remote Session from modem connected to DTC

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Remote Session from modem connected to DTC

We have an HP3000 957 running MPE 6.0. We have a DTC connected that has three modem ports. We usually use Reflections to remotely dial into one of the modems (using an HP emulation). A client of ours is trying to use Minisoft (which comes with an HP emulation) to dial in. They were able to get in but were disconnected with a No Carrier message shortly there after. The next day they had the same problem but then were able to stay connected (no changes were made). Does anyone know if there are any issues with Minisoft or any other emulators? Does it sound like some kind of interference in the phone lines? I have been able to connect with Reflections (HP) and HyperTerminal (ANSI) without any problems.
Ian Warner
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Re: Remote Session from modem connected to DTC

I regularly use both Minisoft MS92 and Reflection to log on to remote clients and I have no problems with either.
The only time I did have a problem, switching the phone line cured it.

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