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Remote access on internal modem

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Marlene Walters
Occasional Contributor

Remote access on internal modem

I recently disabled all of the DTCs on my HP3000/979. I have a remote user who accesses the system from an HPTERM. He is now dialing into the internal modem (ldev21). Everything is fine except printing; after about 3 pages line spacing is off. Could this be a baud rate issue? User's modem is 9600, terminal ext. dev. is set to 9600. Internal modem = ??

Kwan Fong, Emile
Honored Contributor

Re: Remote access on internal modem

If I understand correctly you have an user that is using an HP terminal (700/9x) and a modem to connect to the e3000 server on ldev#21; the connection is fine however after approx 3 pages displaying on the terminal screen, line spacing is off.

It seems to be an hand-shaking issue. Bring the terminal up with the default configuration by i) turning it off, ii) holding and pressing the "D" keystroke AND turning it on, iii) releasing D key when you hear a bip, iv) pressing .

Next, make sure the datacomm configuration of the terminal is using Xon/Xoff protocol on Tramsmit/Receive:
i) Press User/System key (next to F5)
ii) Press Config (F8)
iii) Press Datacomm (F3)
iv) Make sure XmitPace and RecvPace are set to XonXoff
v) Save Config (F1)

On your problem description, you talked about printing and "terminal ext dev 9600"; this could well be a slave printer that is connected to the second serial port (Port 3, 9 pins connector). If that is the case, then it is mandatory that the terminal "Ext Dev Config" Baudrate, Parity MATCH the printer baudrate and parity; also, the XmitPace must be XonXoff.

Make sure you use the right cable to connect the slave printer to the terminal. To connect a printer to the 9-pin port of a 700/9x terminal, use an HP 24542G cable or one with the following pinouts:

9-Pin Female-------25-Pin Male


On the terminal config, "Serial1/Serial2" must be set to correspond to whichever ports you're using for Datacomm/Ext Dev Config.
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