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Printers and Spooler Management
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USB laser Printers on HP 3000 mpe/ix DTC

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USB laser Printers on HP 3000 mpe/ix DTC

Hi to everybody.
I've a question to solve.
I've got an old Hp 3000 server with mpe/ix 6.5 OS connected to a -SERAIL- DTC and we have got many serial network printers connected to it.
Now, we decided to change many of these printers with new others, but here in Italy it seems impossible to find laser printers with serial port and these are incredible expensive.
This is the question:

Is it possible connect via network USB laser printers? I found print server but only with ethernet port on exit. I tried with a notebook usb ->serial cable, but no signal.

- 1st problem, I don't know nothing about mpe/ix programming, I 'll give all your information to my HP programmer.
- 2nd problem, sorry for my orrible English

Tank a lot
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Re: USB laser Printers on HP 3000 mpe/ix DTC

Hello Marco,

USB connection is not supported on MPE/iX. One option is to convert your serial-DTC printers to network printing. See MPE/iX Native Mode Spooler Reference Manual chapter #3 for details on MPE/iX Network printing. The manual is available at
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Re: USB laser Printers on HP 3000 mpe/ix DTC

Hi Emilie

Tanks a lot for your incrdible quickly reply!

I've just taken a look to the manual of the link.. I'm almost ready do download it as pdf and send it to my "mage of Hp 3000" :)
You said me one option is transform usb printer in network printer. How can I do it? I'll need of a print server?
Or I've to find the solution in that manual? and more exactaly were charpter?... It has many pages and I can see only string end string of unknown code...

Tanks a lot again...
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Re: USB laser Printers on HP 3000 mpe/ix DTC

Hello Marco,

Ideally if the printer has already a network interface card (NIC), then you only need to connect it to your network.

If the printer has a parallel/centronic interface instaed of a NIC, then you'll have to connect the printer via an HP JetDirect box.
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Re: USB laser Printers on HP 3000 mpe/ix DTC


Here is some more information on setting up network printing:

How do I set up a network printer on the 3000? DocId: KBRC00000591 Updated: 6/29/01 12:20:00 PM

Setting up network printing on the

How to configure a network printer on the HP3000

Before getting started, be aware that network (tcp/ip) printing on the HP3000
is supported on MPE release 5.5 or greater via a HP JetDirect interface and the
printers listed below:

Color laserjet
Laserjet 5si
Laserjet 4 Family
Laserjet 5L
Laserjet III Family
Laserjet II Family
HP 5000/C Series
HP 5000 LP/LPQ Series Impact printers (LP500, LPQ500-1500) partno C320xB or C
HP 5000/D Series
All PaintJets, Deskjets, QuietJets, ThinkJets

The first step is to add the printer LDEV. You can add it in SYSGEN (which
requires a system reboot) or add it dynamically with the ioconfig utility:

IOCONFIG A.00.00 (catalog A.00.00) (c) 1994 Hewlett-Packard Co.

ioconfig: ad [ldev #] id=hptcpjd path=none class=[device class]
ioconfig: exit
keeping to group CONFIG.SYS
Purge old configuration (yes/no)?Automatic yes

Next, the NPCONFIG file must be created. There are two sample configurations
called NPSAMP1.PUB.SYS and NPSAMP2.PUB.SYS. Please note that the setup files
mentioned in the NPSAMP files and the "Native Mode Spooler Reference Manual"
do NOT exist on your system unless you create them !! It's best to start by
creating a very simple NPCONFIG file in the editor [NOTE: Refer to the
"Native Mode Spooler Reference Manual" for 5.5 for additional NPCONFIG file

In this example, your printer ldev number is 15 and it's ip address is

HP32201A.09.00 EDIT/3000 THU, OCT 9, 1997, 4:10 PM
1 15 (network_address=
2 //

Make sure that you are logged on as manager.sys, the file is kept unnumbered
and that the ip address does not include preceding zero's (e.g. the ip
address in the above example is entered as, not

If your printer does not support pjl, then set pjl_supported to false:

HP32201A.09.00 EDIT/3000 THU, OCT 9, 1997, 4:10 PM
1 15 (network_address=
2 pjl_supported=false)
3 //

Before trying to print, verify that you can ping the printer from the 3000:

-------- PING/XL (ICMP Echo Requestor) : Version B0509000 --------

Remote IP address in hex : $0F2C3024
Number of packets : Default of continuous stream
Number of data bytes : Default of 64 bytes

---- PING $0F2C3024 : 64 byte packets ----

64 byte(s) from $0F2C3024 : icmp_seq = 1, time = 3 ms
64 byte(s) from $0F2C3024 : icmp_seq = 2, time = 2 ms
64 byte(s) from $0F2C3024 : icmp_seq = 3, time = 2 ms
64 byte(s) from $0F2C3024 : icmp_seq = 4, time = 2 ms
64 byte(s) from $0F2C3024 : icmp_seq = 5, time = 2 ms
64 byte(s) from $0F2C3024 : icmp_seq = 6, time = 2 ms

use cntl-y to stop the pinging. If the printer does not respond to the ping,
you have some troubleshooting to do (can the printer be pinged from other
nodes on the network? if the printer is on another subnet, is the gateway
configured properly? etc).

After successfully pinging the printer, go ahead and start up the spooler
and send a spoolfile.

If a change is made to the NPCONFIG file the spooler must be
stopped and restarted for the device modified. This will ensure
the change is recognized.