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2 x 2920's stacked and management

Occasional Contributor

2 x 2920's stacked and management

Hi All,


I've got two 2920s in a stacking configuration.  We are not using the OOBM interfaces for management and instead manage the stack using the switch's default VLAN IP address.


I'm just wondering.  Has anyone tried creating a two port LACP trunk using one port on each member to connect back to the core.  I'm thinking this will allow us to continue to manage the stack if either member goes down.  Yes, I can simply swap the network lead from one to the other but I might not always be onsite to do so.


Before I test has anyone got any thoughts on this.


Many thanks in advance.

Marcus J
Frequent Advisor

Re: 2 x 2920's stacked and management



Yes that is the whole idéa! -to simplify management and to get better redundancy options.

If you have dual coreswitches you could combine this with distributed trunking on 5406,5412,8206,8212 and some of the more advanced 1u switches to get even better redundancy.

Occasional Advisor

Re: 2 x 2920's stacked and management

hello, you can only just connect to the stack master.