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2610 / 2810 dynamic vlans

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2610 / 2810 dynamic vlans

I'm trying to setup 2 lans using 2 x 2810-24g connect via 2 gbic cards, each 2810-24g also has 3 x 2610-24-pwr connected for use with avaya phones.


There are around 150 users in total so each user will plug their pc into the phones 2nd switch port.


If the phone is in a vlan (10) would the pc connected also be in the same vlan or can I setup a vlan based upon the ip address?


I've enabled gvrp which advertises the vlans around the network.  Is this the correct way to setup the switches?  I plan to use a microsoft dhcp server to assign ip addresses to both the phones and pc.


thanks in advance.