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2910al-48G: Resetting port statistics with SNMP set?

Occasional Contributor

2910al-48G: Resetting port statistics with SNMP set?

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I wondering if it possible to actually reset the 2910al-48G switch's port statistics permantly without having to reboot the switch, by using a SNMP set instead?


(If you do a "clear interface statistics" the statistics will only reset in during that session)


For example if I wanted to reset the tx dropped packets counter on port to 0:


snmpset.exe -u operator -c myCommunity -v 2c ifOutDiscards.16 i 0


Sadly, I have currently no HP switches for lab testing, so I'm not to happy about just trying this command out in our office network switches.




- Jesper



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Re: 2910al-48G: Resetting port statistics with SNMP set?

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Apparently this is not possible because the MIBs OIDs is using the data type "Counter32" or "Counter64" which is read-only.


But would be great if someone proved me wrong or came up with a work-around though.