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3500yl Voice VLAN Configuration Help...

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3500yl Voice VLAN Configuration Help...

Hoping someone can help an HP VLAN newbie...  I have an HP Procurve 3500yl setup as a core switch with the Default_VLAN (VLAN 1) and a Voice VLAN (VLAN 100).  VLAN 1 is 192.168.0.x/24 and VLAN 100 is 192.168.100.x/24.  I also have 7 HP Procurve 2920 switches that connect to the Core 3500yl on Ports 1 through 7.  The IP phones have a data port to daisy chain the PCs from.  The goal is to be able to connect a phone and/or PC to any port on any switch throughout the infrastructure and have the VLANs operate properly.  For this to work, do I need to tag each and every port on all switches to the Voice VLAN or just the uplink ports from the 3500yl to the 2920s?  From the documentation I've read, it appears that every port would need to be tagged for the Voice VLAN and tagged or untagged from the Default VLAN.


Thanks in advance!

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Re: 3500yl Voice VLAN Configuration Help...

You can have the VLAN1 tagged or untagged on your inter-switch links, but VLAN100 tagged.

Important thing is for the interfaces on either side of each link to have the same tagging config.

Then the access ports the phones are patched to need VLAN100 tagged, VLAN1 untagged.

The phones need to know that the Voice VLAN is 100, and they need to configure the PC port as untagged in VLAN 1.

The phones can get their config from a DHCP option, a config server identified through a DHCP option, or through LLDP. The vendor will have documented how this part works.

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Re: 3500yl Voice VLAN Configuration Help...

Thanks for help!


So, just to be clear.  On ports 1-7 (links to each 2920) of the 3500 and on port 1 of each 2920 (Port 1 of each 2920 connects to the Core 3500), I should have VLAN1 and VLAN100 both tagged.  Then on every other port on all switches, I should have VLAN100 tagged and VLAN1 untagged, correct?


Thanks again for the help and the quick response, Vince!  Have a great night!