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4200g vlan 1 issue

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4200g vlan 1 issue

Hi all.
First, sorry for my English.

I am having a problem with multiple 3com switches.
I have three 4200G and one 4210G, 48 ports each.
It is a single IP network with about 800 hosts.

The problem is that when you ping the interface vlan 1 (default), does not respondfor a while.
After a while it does.

I tried lowering the aging-time to 60 seconds but the problem persists even though the non-response time down.

Is it correct to assume that the problem is given by the aging?
Could it be that something else is causing the problem?

I appreciate if you can help me to solve this problem.


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Re: 4200g vlan 1 issue

Are you keeping any performance statistics on this switch via SNMP?  It sounds to me like you've got some sort of network flooding happening.  (Although, they don't usually go away by themselves. ;-)