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5400 VLAN statistics

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5400 VLAN statistics

I'm trying to better understand the Procurve network I inherited and make some changes based on data. For this, I would like to see the traffic on the VLAN virtual interfaces on our core 5412zl. SNMP doesn't seem to show any statistics for these ( all counters are 0 ).


Is there a way to see the statistics on these SVIs? This was easy to get from Cisco chassis switches via SNMP, but I can't find the way to get this from a Procurve.


As an alternative, I could use data for per-vlan statistics on a physical port (e.g.. X bytes for VLAN 1, X bytes for VLAN 2, X bytes for VLAN 3, etc for interface A1).  Is there an easy way to get this information?