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5406zl SNTP event flooding

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5406zl SNTP event flooding

Hello all.


I have three 5406zl swithces running SW K.15.03.0007 and monitored by PCM+ C.03.20.1741 with auto update 3.


All three switches are constantly sending these events to PCM:

"SNTP: Updated time by N seconds from server at v.x.y.z. Previous time was ..."

Where N seconds is somewhere between 4 and 10, i.e. insignificant.


Nice to know that it works, but it's spamming the event log in PCM+ !!!

I have tried to filter these events in PCM but no luck so far.

I did not have this issue on PCM3.10 and an earlier version of the switch software.


Does anyone know how to silence these events?


Thanks in advance



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Re: 5406zl SNTP event flooding

After migrating to PCM v4.0 these events are no longer a problem.