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5412zl When using Loop-Protect should I also use MSTP?

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5412zl When using Loop-Protect should I also use MSTP?

We have several switches (HP 5406ZL, 2910al) in a tree configuration, with no cross connects. All are connected by fibre to the core switch (HP 5412zl) and none are connected to each other.


In the past we have configured MSTP primarily to prevent broadcast storms from end users plugging cables into ports and creating loops. MSTP appears to mainly be for dealing with switches & VLANs that have interconnects and ensuring no loops occur in the core fabric, while providing redundancy if a link with an alternative path goes down. It requires a fair amount of management/configuration defining admin-edge-ports, VLAN instances etc.


If we use the loop-protect feature in newer firmwares do we still need MSTP or can this be disabled? At present we have both loop-protect and MSTP, but would like to remove MSTP to reduce its overhead.


I know MSTP is not required to use loop-protect, but not sure if there is any compelling reason to keep using it in a tree network?



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Re: 5412zl When using Loop-Protect should I also use MSTP?



it is important that mstp is active.

It's support that you have a redundancy between your switches.

turn on loop protection on all edge ports.

It's support that no person connect a cable between two ports on the same switch.