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Adding 10GbE (J8436A) to ProCurve 3500yl-48g (J8693A) with CX4 yl Module (J8694A)

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Adding 10GbE (J8436A) to ProCurve 3500yl-48g (J8693A) with CX4 yl Module (J8694A)

I need some help with using 10GbE fiber connections with two 3500yl-48G-POE+ (J8693A) switches.

Each switch has the optional 10-GbE X2 + 2p CX4 Module (J8694A) installed. According to the documentation, the 10 Gigabit-X2-SC SR Optic Transceiver (J8436A) is what I need. 


I’d like to install 4 of the HP 131 10G X2 SC SR Transceivers (J8436A) in the spare ports on the back of the J8694A module to utilize dual 10GbE (Intel X520) adapters (with INTEL 1G/10G Dual Rate SFP+ Transceivers FTLX8571D3BCV-IT) I have in my PowerEdge R820 Servers.

I haven't worked with fiber before and don't want to mess up. Can I just use an OM3 LC/SC fiber patch cable, or will I need to use something different? 

Thank you very much!

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Re: Adding 10GbE (J8436A) to ProCurve 3500yl-48g (J8693A) with CX4 yl Module (J8694A)

Seeing as the 3500s don't stack, you will probably have to patch each server's dual connections both to the back of the same 3500, if you intend to use link aggregation for active/active.
So not the best way to get redundancy.
Those ports were not intended as host ports but uplink ports.
You have to ask yourself - you're giving the server 10Gb onto the switch, but where does it go then? You've only got 1Gb.

But otherwise, yes, you need an SC connector for the HP end, and OM3 is correct for the patch lead.