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Best practices software upgrade path

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Best practices software upgrade path

Hello guys,

I am planning to perform a software upgrade on our access layer J9727A Aruba 2920 POE switch stacks.

From current version: WB.15.17.0007

to new version: WB.16.03.0005


HP recommends an incremental upgrade and that you follow "Best practices for Software Upgrade", but they don't provide a link to these best practices. A google search did not gave me any useful results.

Is anyone familiar with the best practices for software upgrade and perhaps able to provide me a link?

Tips and other matters to take into account are always welcome. :-)


Many thanks.


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Re: Best practices software upgrade path


Your software is not that different from the new one, so it is not needed to do an incremental upgrade.

Load your software on the commander switch, he will push the new software automatically to the other members. if you will use tftp use following command:

copy tftp flash <ip address> <full filename> primary

after that you only need to reboot the whole stack by executing following command:

boot system

This will boot the whole stack, so you should do this between a downtime window.


Kind regards

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Re: Best practices software upgrade path

Great thanks!


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Re: Best practices software upgrade path

I ususally make a backup of the current software version first in case there are problems with the new version.

copy flash flash secondary


Re: Best practices software upgrade path

Cool ! Thanks alot 

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Re: Best practices software upgrade path

Hey Dennis,

every Major Version of Softwar has a "Basic Operations Guide" as mentioned in the update notice.

So if you google something like "HPE ArubaOS-Switch Basic Operations Guide Version 16.04" you'll get an Link:

In the document there is a Chapter called "Managing switch software", in this perticular case it is Chapter 10, page 148.

And on page 152 you get your "Best practices, recommendations, and precautions".


From time to time some commands change a bit, all those changes are always shown within that document.