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Default Host VLAN for Ports on a ProCurve 5412zl

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Default Host VLAN for Ports on a ProCurve 5412zl

I am trying to configure the ports host VLAN on my procurve and cannot seem to figure out how.  I have access points which I want to be permanently assigned to a different VLAN.  Any help is appreciated. 

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Re: Default Host VLAN for Ports on a ProCurve 5412zl



In the default config of the switch all ports are untagged in VLAN 1.

Untagged means that the port sends frames in outbound direction without VLAN tag and acceptes frames in inbound direction without VLAN tag (frames with VLAN tag are dropped). The VLAN ID is used by the switch to assign the frame to the correct broadcast domain.


A port can be untagged only in one VLAN. If you add a new untagged VLAN membership to a port the old untagged membership is deleted.

The untagged port is used mostly to connect end devices which doesnt support VLAN so I assume you mean untagged VLAN membership with "default host VLAN". The same thing is called "access port" by Cisco.


The configuration is straightforward.

Here is an example how you create  VLAN 10 and assign ports A1 until A5, A10, A15 as untagged members in the CLI in manager mode.


config /ENTER/

vlan 10 /ENTER/

untagged A1-A5,A10,A15/ENTER/


you can add also tagged members the same way, just use the command "tagged" instead "untagged".

A port can be tagged member of multiple VLANs. Adding new tagged VLAN membership doesnt delete the other tagged memberships. Typical use case for tagged VLANs is an uplink to another switch that needs to carry all the VLANs defined on the switch.

You can find more information here. Chapter 1, Static Virtual LANs, page 17.



Emil /HPN