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HP Procurve 2824 and Cisco IP Phone issue


HP Procurve 2824 and Cisco IP Phone issue

We have a number of HP Procurve 2824 switches, and have been implementing a VOIP solution using Cisco 8845 IP Phones.  We also have a number of other Procurve model switches.  ONLY on the 2824, have we been unable to get the Cisco phones to "recognize" the tagged voice VLAN.  It works great on other model HP switches, but any phones plugged into a 2824 will not pull the IP address for the "voice" VLAN.  What's most interesting is if we cascade a different model switch off of the 2824, the phones pick up the voice VLAN just fine.  It's like the 2824's don't recognize or implement the "voice" command.  All of the switches (2824 and other models) are configured as:

vlan 31
     name "VOIP VLAN"
     tagged 1,10,24
     no ip address

Does anyone know of anything special the 2824 switches need that the other models don't?  Models that work include 5308, 2910, 2520, etc.  

Any thoughts or insight would be appreciated.

-Rick Beaber