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HP Procurve 2920 - VLANs number

Occasional Contributor

HP Procurve 2920 - VLANs number

Hello, we are bought switch hp procurve 2920 and i not found the answer to the question( ): How much VLANs his can support when routing mode is on?


Where can I find a document containing this information?

Thanks in advance.

Occasional Contributor

Re: HP Procurve 2920 - VLANs number

Okay, if I assume command max-vlan 20 and configure 20 Vlans and assigned ip adresses for  each Vlan-interface, 

wakes it work inter vlan routing between them?


Re: HP Procurve 2920 - VLANs number

In order to get inter-VLAN routing working requires the following:-

1. Enable routing - ip routing

2. Create VLANs and assign interfaces to the VLANs.

3. Assign ip address within the VLAN context: ip address etc