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HP procurve vlan configuration for voip

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HP procurve vlan configuration for voip

Hello, I have to configure VLAN on a HP network to allow implementing VoIP and I need help please because I am not so used with the VLAN configuration.


The configuration is


A HP 4208 configured with 136 10/100/1000 copper ports and 8 1000BaseX Fiber at the center of the network. Connected by the fiber to the 4208 there are 5 HP 2510 family with 24 or 48 ports and 2 HP 2600 40 10/100 ports.

Now the only configured VLAN is the default.

Customer is not able at the moment to indicate on which ports the VoIP phones will be connected and is asking to configure all the ports as tagged. Furthermore the VoIP phones will be connected directly to the switch port where there is space or in between of the PC and the switch.

I thought to configure in this way :


Set a Vlan id 20 named "phones" on all the switches.


Set Vlan id 20 type voice


Set the IP for the vlans 1 (default) from to mask 23 bit


Set the IP for vlans 20 (where should pass voice data) from to mask 23 bit


All the port are untagged for Vlan 1 and tagged for vlan 20


Do you think this configuration is correct ? The traffic of the phones will be addressed through the vlan 20 ?


Thank very much .



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Re: HP procurve vlan configuration for voip

That looks right - the customer's PCs can't do VLAN tagging, so the ports have to be all on the Data VLAN untagged.

The phones, on the other hand, do VLAN tagging, and additionally present the DATA VLAN untagged out their "PC" port, so they have to see both VLANs. Thus, a switchport configured with DATA untagged and VOICE tagged will be usable by either device.


The next tricky bit is to figure out how to give the phones addresses on the VOICE VLAN. The vendor can presumably recommend the best method - DHCP, LLDP, etc...

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Re: HP procurve vlan configuration for voip

Tanks for your reply  Vince_Whirlwind

There will be a separate xDsl line for Voip phones. For this router I'll use a Untagged port, this could help switches to decide on which Vlan send the phones frames based on network and, I presume, could also be a DHCP server without set the IP-Helper-address. 


tanks again



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Re: HP procurve vlan configuration for voip

Not quite - unless you manually configure every single phone with the VLAN ID of the VOICE VLAN, the phones will initially boot up on the untagged (DATA) VLAN - generally the DHCP server will give it an IP address and a vendor-specific option telling it either what the VOICE VLAN ID is, or, the IP address of the Voice Server that will give the phone its full config. With either of these methods, the phone then resets itself and comes up on the VOICE VLAN, where it issues another DHCP request on that VLAN.


Alternatively, you can configure the LAN switches to tell the phone what the ID of the VOICE VLAN is - for example Cisco phones and Cisco switches will exchange this information using CDP. Non-Cisco equipment should usually support the same thing using LLDP.