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HP5406zl 10GbE transceiver not shown in port config.

Simon Clout
Occasional Contributor

HP5406zl 10GbE transceiver not shown in port config.




I've recently installed the following HP equipment:


HP5406zl chassis + dual power supplies


HP 8-port GbE SFP+ v2 zl module in slot A


HP 24-port SFP v2 zl module in slot B


The chassis is running K15.07.0008 firmware.


I'm having problems connecting a 10-GbE SFP+ LR transceiver to the 8-port v2 module. When inserting the transceiver the log shows that it has been inserted and the module light glows green briefly. When I enter the menu and look under the port properties the transceiver is not shown in the list. I have also inserted 2 x 1GbE LR transceivers in the 24-port module and these show up. Is this a glitch in the firmware?


I'm also having problems connecting the 10GbE link to our core switch, I've connected the 1GbE link with no problems but when I switch back to the 10GbE link the link light comes on and the link is live but that's as far as it gets. The 10GbE link connects to our core via an older 4-port 10GbE module using brand new 10GbE transceivers. Should the two be compatible or do we require another 8-port 10GbE v2 module in our core (this would involve loading new firmware as the switch is only running K14.84),








Re: HP5406zl 10GbE transceiver not shown in port config.

What are the two modules that you are using on the two switches?  are they both SFP+ modules?  If so,  that should work.


If one or the modules is SFP and the other Module is SFP+, this will not work.  They both need to be SFP+ modules to operate (establish a link) at 10 Gig.  


Have you examined the logs on both the 5406 and the Core switch?  you can look at the log from the command line by typing show log -r .  I am curious what is happening on both ends.


What type of transcievers are you using?  part numbers?