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Hp Procurve 2610 inter vlan routing

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Hp Procurve 2610 inter vlan routing

Can anyone help me sort out some intervlan routing issues. 


Here is the stack over flow configuration exports, as well as ip route table.


Existing vlans are working, but vlan 4 which is newly created is not working.

The route automatically creates when you create a new vlan and assign it a network. So what am i doing wrong?



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Re: Hp Procurve 2610 inter vlan routing

So, the new VLAN interface is created, its subnet appears as "connected" in your "show ip route", therefore it's working.


What makes you think it isn't working?

John Gelten
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Re: Hp Procurve 2610 inter vlan routing

That's actually by design... ;- )


The 2610-series is limited Layer-3. One of their limitations is that there is a maximum of six static routes.

You have three manually defined; you already have three VLAN's with an IP-adddress. Those routed VLANs probably count as one static route each, I have never tried this setup myself.

So adding your fourth routed VLAN will add a seventh static route, which is not applied. Doesn't your log (at the time you created VLAN4) give a clou ?


If you want to test this theory: remove one of the IP-adresses on the other VLANs, or remove one of the static routes. I'm not sure whether VLAN 4 should immediately start routing, but I would think so.


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Re: Hp Procurve 2610 inter vlan routing

I cannot ping the gateway from any vlan.


The hosts on the vlan cannot ping outside the vlan....


Host can ping its gateway of but thats it...


So its not working.

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Re: Hp Procurve 2610 inter vlan routing

Yes, but my addition isnt listed as a static route.... when i show ip route its listed as a dynamic  last i remembered. also looking at show ip route I have currently 4 static routes defined in my switch..