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Procurve 2810, Trunks and VLANs

Leon Kelder
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Procurve 2810, Trunks and VLANs

Hi all,


I have 2x 2810's which are trunked via port 1 and 2 on both switches.


The servers connected to the switches generally run VM's, many of which require their own VLANs.


How can I configure the trunks to automatically forward all VLAN tagged traffic across the trunks without having to explicitly having to create the VLAN on all switches and then join the trunks to all VLANs.


The VM will be assigned a VLAN ID which must be preserved across all trunk links.





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Re: Procurve 2810, Trunks and VLANs



This is not possible on this switch.


You have al least to define the VLANs on the switch. Configure to ports that lead to the VMware as VLAN members.


It is possible that the switches negotiate which VLANs need to be carried over the trunk between them and automaticaly configure it.

This feature is called GVRP.


This is chapter 3 in this manual.



And here some config examples but for older modells.



If VMware also supports GVRP maybe it would be possible to have negotiation between switch and server as well. But I dont know this.

Emil /HPN