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Routing between Vlans and VM's issue

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Routing between Vlans and VM's issue

I currently deploy a 4208vl and am trying to route between 2 vlans.  these vlans break up the host machine and virtual machines being deployed.  Below is the current configuration.  The issues comes into play when a Virtual Machine needs to communicate with the host machine on a different network.


We are using Vmware 4 along with the VM's running Windows 2k8.  The hosts are dual NIC on the 10.1.x.x and the VM's are on the 205.68.121.x network.  One nic is on G1 and the other is on G21.


I am trying to get vCenter ( to communicate to the hosts on the


any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hostname "HP 4208vl"

Modules 1 type J8765A

Modules 2 type J8765A

Modules 3 type J8765A

Modules 4 type J8765A

Modules 5 type J8765A

Modules 6 type J9033A

Modules 7 type J8768A

ip routing

snmp-server community "Public" Unrestricted

vlan 1

          name "Default"

          untagged A1-A24,B1-B24,C1-C24,D1-D24,E1-E24,F1-F24,G4-G20,G24

          ip address

          no untagged g1-g3,g21-g23


vlan 62

          name "ESX"

          untagged g1-g3

          ip address


vlan 66

          name "VM"

          untagged g21-g23

          ip address



I am unable to ping from host on vlan 62 ( to host on vlan 66 or vice versa.  I can ping from (vCenter server) to but no hosts on vlan 62.


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Re: Routing between Vlans and VM's issue

I forgot to add that if i switch the ports within the vlan from untagged to tagged; I am unable to ping each other within the same vlan and network.

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Re: Routing between Vlans and VM's issue

I have resolved my own problem