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VLAN config on 4204vl / 2520-24G-POE

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VLAN config on 4204vl / 2520-24G-POE



I have a Procurve 4204vl and some 2520-24G-POE and want to connect an Access point with tree functions,


1. Voice over IP (for DECT)

2. WLAN (SSiD for own use)

3. WLAN (SSiD for costumer use) in separated VLAN


Now I want to build tow VLAN´s


VLAN1 (default and now in use)

- for voice and for the own WLAN


VLAN 100

- for the costumer WLAN


The Problem is all VLAN´s on one Port, for the voice I can´t configure a VLAN ID and for the WLAN I must configure a VLAN ID.

So I got the following Situation:


1. the packages Voice got no VLAN tag, the port on switch is untagged in VLAN1

2. the packages WLAN (own) is tagged with 1 and the port configuration must be tagged in VLAN 1

3. the packages WLAN (costumer) is tagged with 100, the port is configured as tagged and all is fine...



So I can´t configure the VLAN 1 to tagged and untagged on one port…

is there a possibility to become both functions (voice and WLAN) in VLAN 1.


Lot of thanks



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Re: VLAN config on 4204vl / 2520-24G-POE

I'd love to provide some advice but I do not understand why you say voice can't be tagged or why you have one network that "must" be tagged in VLAN 1.


Can you provide a network diagram showing all devices, their VLANs, and some idea of how the IP addressing works?