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VLAN on 2530

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VLAN on 2530

Hi All,


I am currently having issues with a 2530 not passing untagged VLAN traffic through to another switch.


The Current setup is as follows:


2530 port 1 VLAN 200 Untagged. with ports 25 and 26 tagged to VLAN 200, this then connects to a D-link 1210 that has two untagged ports on VLAN 200 (They can see and talk to each other fine) but the device on the 2530 can not see the devices on the D-link.


I am new to the VLAN side of things, would you please be able to advise if that setup is correct or if you need any more information.



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Re: VLAN on 2530

Hi Mike,

Your untagged ports must match on both switches. So if port 25 connects to the D-Link 1210, VLAN 200 needs to be either untagged on both, or tagged on both. It can't be tagged on the 2530 and untagged on the D-Link.

If the D-Link supports GVRP, that's the best option - turn it on in both switches and they will automatically negotiate the correct VLANs on their connected ports. (Although you should still ensure that the untagged VLANs match before doing this.)
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Re: VLAN on 2530

 Thank you everyone, this can now be closed. I found out what my issue was.


There was another switch in the middle that didnt have the correct VLAN tags setup.