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What kind of network os does HPE have ?

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What kind of network os does HPE have ?

Hi guys,

My name is Luffy and write this post to check the network os of HPE products.

Actually, I will be in chare of maintaining HPE switch (HPN5500, HPN5820).

But it is first time to maintain HPE switch so I searched the information of HPE switch and got a docoument of hpe cli command.

in the document, there are two hpe switch os(ProCurve and Comware).

After finding HPE os document, I tried to test CLI command using an aruba device(Aruba 650 Controller).

But, the CLI command was not working as document.

So I checked the software image of Aruba 650.

Aruba 650 installed Aruba os

Is it new os of HPE networks ?

How many os does HPE have ?


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Re: What kind of network os does HPE have ?

Hello Luffy.

You're mixing different products together, I'll try to give my explanation here (hope not too confusing): on one side you have HPE Network Switches (some of them are based on Comware 5 or Comware 7 operating system like yours HPE 5820 and HPE 5500...some others, typically some of old and well known HP ProCurve Switches, were instead rebranded with the Aruba name and are now running on ArubaOS-Switch operating system, basically the HP ProVision operating system which ran into mostly all HP ProCurve Switches was renamed into ArubaOS-Switch), on the other side you have the Aruba Networks products portfolio that existed and was developed and marketed *before* that HPE purchased Aruba Networks changing its name into Aruba a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company (here I'm referring to Aruba Networks Mobility Controllers, Aruba Networks Access Points, Aruba Networks Mobility Access Switches and so on...some are still developed, marketed and integrated into the HPE Aruba portfolio with similar names where Aruba Networks became simply Aruba), those devices ran and actually still run on ArubaOS (not ArubaOS-Switch, pay attention to naming here).

So if you are specifically looking for informations about Network Switches (based on Comware, ArubaOS-Switch or on old ProVision not rebranded into ArubaOS-Switch) refer to HPE Support Site or to Aruba web site (which somewhat links back to HPE); if, instead, you're looking for informations about Aruba Wireless related product (based on ArubaOS or ArubaOS for Mobility Access Switch also known as ArubaOS (MAS)) then have a look here.

It's confusing...I know...but already HP (HPE) had a very large portfolio of products that, quite often, overlap (think about Comware versus ProVision), with Aruba the HP ProCurve portfolio related part was somewhat "merged" (let me use this term, inaccurate but simple) with Aruba Networks products into now some wireless related features are "embedded" into ArubaOS-Switch (and so into a part of HPE Networking Switches, those called simply Aruba).

The last link will help you to find ArubaOS documentation about your Aruba Newtorks 650 Mobility Controller (End of Sale on October, 31st 2014, End of Support on October, 31st 2019) which can run up to latest available ArubaOS 6.4.x version (not ArubaOS 6.5.x and newer versions).

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Re: What kind of network os does HPE have ?

Thank you for your detail answer.

I understand what you said. according to your answer, Procurve was renamed into Aruba OS right ?

I tested cli command in Aruba 650. It matched procurve cli command.

Let me summrize my understanding, HPE has two network OS (Comware and Procurve(=Aruba OS))

Thank you,

Have a nice day :)


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Re: What kind of network os does HPE have ?

To greatly summarize:

  • HP/HPE ProVision operating system used on HP/HPE ProCurve Switch Series --> renamed into HPE ArubaOS-Switch operating system (not for all known HP/HPE ProCurve switch series).
  • HPE Comware 5 or Comware 7 (definitely no changes here on that products line).
  • Aruba Networks (before and after acquisition of Aruba Networks by HPE) --> still running on ArubaOS/ArubaOS (MAS) on specific Aruba Networks devices.

ProCurve is a product brand, ProVision was and is the operating system that product brand runs (and ran) on.

Aruba is now the actual product brand name of some of old ProCurve, ArubaOS-Switch is the operating system that actual product brand runs on.

Comware instead is the operating system running on HPE FlexNetwork/FlexFabric Switch series. No changes here.

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Re: What kind of network os does HPE have ?

Thank you for your detail answer.

I understand perfectly.

Thank you and have a nice day :)

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