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Wired 802.1x with Procurve and NPS - Problem

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Wired 802.1x with Procurve and NPS - Problem

I have followed this guide:


The computer just ends up in the un-auth VLAN and there is no entries in the NPS servers Event Viewer.


Anyone got any ideas why it won't authenticate against the NPS?

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Re: Wired 802.1x with Procurve and NPS - Problem

I just sniffed for traffic in the firewall and no traffic from the switch can be found.

Why doesn't the switch send any authentication-traffic towards the NPS?



Tried with my MacBook and I got a login request. Correct credentials=auth VLAN, otherwise unauth VLAN. Looks good in Event Viewer.

One thing that caught my eye is that the server certificate that is presented as server certificate is not the one I chose in the NPS. How come?



It now presents the correct server certificate.
Sniffed when connecting with the MacBook and I can see RADIUS-traffic back and forth. When connecting the windows client no traffic is seen.
This indicates that the client doesn't even try to authenticate. Why is that?



Now I found out that the client does authenticate and ends up in the correct VLAN, but it takes 15 minutes after login. What could be causing that delay?


(Found a fix

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Re: Wired 802.1x with Procurve and NPS - Problem

Hello, I had to set up a test environment to authenticate client computers that are connected to a switch, using an NPS server as a RADIUS server.

The problem is that client computers when attempting to authenticate an authorized user I get "Failed to authenticate" and Event Viewer NPS server I get the request for access was denied to use an unknown user name or password wrong, but when I put a user name and password of a user who is not authorized then I get access not meet the conditions of the network policy was denied. I do not understand why this error is coming because the username and password if you are correct. No problem if certificates if customer problem radius (the switch) or that may be the problem.

Here is documented step by step everything I've done ->

If you can take a look and see where the problem may be, I would be very grateful.