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distribute default route over OSPF

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distribute default route over OSPF


is it possible to configure 5400 switches to distribute the default route (ip route  x.x.x.x) over OSPF? Right now I'm using metrics, so I have two routes: ip route x.x.x.x distance 10 and ip route x.x.y.y, but those are not working, since we have some transparent devices (NTUs) from our telco provider and if an uplink goes down on one switch, the other switch doesn"t recognize that, because its attached to this "transparent" device , so his link is always up.. If I disable this link manually, then the route with distance 10 immediatelly works.... So this is not a nice solution..therefore I was wondering if there is a way to use OSPF for that..


please help!

thanks very much



Re: distribute default route over OSPF

 Yes  there is no problem in redistributing the default route into OSPF. The OSPF protocol itself has no limitations on this - the default route is just another external route.the way to inject a default route into OSPF is using the default-information originate should be used under  router ospf configuration