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voice and data traffic

Occasional Advisor

voice and data traffic



Hope you are doing well. :)


i have a small concern about voice and data, can i create a vlan for both at the same time, i mean for example, can i use the same vlan for data and voice traffic??


also one small thing, what is the type of the port should i use when i connect an IP phone  and pass a cable from the phone to the laptop, can i do this??are they gonna work both??


your feeds are highly appreciated.


Peter Jakobsen
Occasional Advisor

Re: voice and data traffic



A1) You can run IP Phones and data on same subnet - and without any QoS. I do that with 4800 Nortel IP Phones on 500 different locations. But you to follow some rules.


* I need to have have enough bandwidth and very low latency. I have 1 Gbit and less than 1 ms latency end-to-end

* You need to bee 100% sure that your PDS cabling can manage af category 5E test

* On my Nortel 1120/1140 IP Phones there is two ports - one goes to the swtich and the other goes to the PC.


Hope this short comment help you






Occasional Advisor

Re: voice and data traffic

hi Peter,


thx a lot for the useful information.


about the rules or the stuff i have to take care of, i guess my switches are 100 not a gig, so only this gonna make me issues.


regarding the cabling , all of the cables used in my site is CAT6 so i guess this is fair enough.


so for now, and regarding the info i gave you, do you advice to use two different VLANs instead of one VLAN?


am i going to face any issues also if i use two different vlans??


thx again man, appreciated.



Cajuntank MS
Valued Contributor

Re: voice and data traffic

There are a lot of things you can do, but should not. The best practice is to have a separate vlan for voice traffic. Create a vlan, name it "voice", and issue the voice command inside that vlan interface. This will enable LLDP-MED ( to assist with QoS. You then will tag all ports involved with phone handsets if you are taking advantage of the phone's switch port. Most IP phones have a switch port that you then hand off to your computer so you only use up one of your closet switch's ports. Whatever vlan you have associated for data, you make sure those same phone handset ports are untagged under it's vlan interface. If you are using separate ports for computer and phones, then untag each port to it's respective vlan interface as you normally would. Beyond that, just follow best practices for your phone handsets in regards to additional possible QoS settings and the use of Procurve switches.