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what are the references of switches i can use ?

Occasional Collector

what are the references of switches i can use ?

Hello ,

Can you explain me  what are the references  of switches i can use ?  

1X Switch GB 48/24  Ports + 4 SFP  (core  switch)

1 X Switch GB POE 24 ports 

1 X Switch GB 24 port

1 X Switch GB POE 24 ports 

3 X Switch GB POE 24 ports + 2 SFP

2 X Switch GB 24 ports + 2 SFP

5 X Module SFP(gbic) LC Duplex Multimode (compatible avec les switches)


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Re: what are the references of switches i can use ?

Your question looks a little bit too generic (what do you really mean with the "references of Switches" formula? are you looking for HPE Switch Series Quick Technical Specifications and/or Datasheets?)...especially considering the limited and generic details provided (Number of GE Ports, with/without PoE, SFP/Non-SFP equipped) without providing contextual informations (scenario, topology, type of uplinks between them, switch OS preference, modularity requirements...and so on).

If you're just trying to select HPE (ArubaOS-Switch based and/or Comware based) Switches that have technical characteristics similar to, equal of or better than the ones listed on a specification sheet (Statement of Work) you have in your own hands...if so...please start your journey by filtering Switch types on the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Switch Selector portal here because you have more information than us.

Specifically about HPE Aruba (ArubaOS-Switch based) Switch Series the selector portal can be found also here (note how it drives you back to the HPE portal above).

We (I mean: Community members, not necessarily HPE Sales persons) can provide guidance, at best, once details/requirements of your networking deployment are already defined and exposed.

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Re: what are the references of switches i can use ?

Thank you for your response

see joined photo 

The core switch wil be connected to :

- The source of internet 

- Pbx  ( 4 numeric phones + 2 operator phones+ 55 analogic phones ) 

- 17 Access points

- Ip Camera 


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Re: what are the references of switches i can use ?

Can we assume that PoE capable Switches will be used to provide - respectively on Rack 1, 2, 3 and 4 - PoE and connectivity to both PoE IP Cameras and PoE WiFi Access Points?

Is this assumption correct?

PBX should be out of the picture IF you don't have IP Phones (that's normal on non IP-PBX).

If so...what is the calculated "power budget" per Switch? I mean: how many IP Cameras and WiFi APs will be connected per Switch? what will be the power margin (growth)? this data alone is worth a discussion...because you will be then able to decide which type of PoE Switch (PoE Power) to look for.

Then, regarding the core: how many downlinks to access Switches will be made through Fiber Optic Cables (so using Fiber Optic SFP on each Fiber Optic cables' end)? Why only 5 SFP mini-GBIC Transceivers (an odd number)? will you not use them in pairs (so you will need an even number, like 4, 6, 8 and so on...)? or...are you considering SFP Modules (multi-ports) and so Sub-Modules capable Switches?

Will core do routing for your Access Switches or not?

Will there be VLAN(s)?

Will there be Port Trunks (Link Aggregations) between Core Switch and Access Switches or just a single link per Access Switch?

Have you considered a deployment with IRF Stacked Access Switches (mixing PoE with non PoE ones) and a IRF Stacked core?

Many questions...but necessary: the less details in input (questions), the less details in output (answers).