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Attempting to Setup PXE Boot with HP servers + Smartstart

Rakesh Borhara

Attempting to Setup PXE Boot with HP servers + Smartstart

Ive setup a Windows 2003 SP2 server with WDS (new name for RIS)
Tried using the Install.Wim and Boot.wim off the Windows 2008 SP2 server CDs but it wouldnt recognise my HP DL580 G2 Server and HP Dl360 / G5 network card
So instead download WAIK CD not the larger DVD version
and followed the March 2009 HP SmartStart Scripting Toolkit User Guide

My Questions are

1.Will it let me capture a PXE image to place on other similiar servers and just prompt me to enter computername and then just add to domain
2.If I follow the HP guide will this also autoinstall the Hp smart software onto the servers during the install of the Image as well as the firmware?

3.Ive read instructions for Conrep to let me configure the raid on the server which i got to work - But how do i tell it to go away and install the rest of the image as ive captured an image but not prompt to install it like WDS images