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Re: Capturing an Image

Lucinda S. Bellairs
New Member

Capturing an Image

I am trying to capture an image of a server. First I forced it to PXE boot and it was pulled in as a new computer to RDP 3.83. Then I push a "capture" job to it, but after the first wake -on-lan task, it reboots, and at the PXE boot, it stalls, says hit F8 to select a boot option, and times out and boots to the disk drive.
Jim Jewett
New Member

Re: Capturing an Image

It is asking for your boot Selection. Linux boot or WINPE. You have two options. you can manually hit F8 and select your boot option, (WINPE if capuring a windows box) or you can automate the selection in the PXE configuration to have WINPE as your only selection. You can find detailed instruction on this in the Altris Deployment solution Admin Guide. That can be found in the Radpid Deployment help menu. Hope this helps.