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DHCP Gives old pxe address

Yariv Haguel
Occasional Visitor

DHCP Gives old pxe address

I am tring to install HP (Altiris) RDP v1.6 with hotfix C on a windows 2000 server - first server
The DHCP is based on a windows 2000 server - no option 60 - second server
And there is a DNS server also based on windows 2000 server - third server.

A long time ago, before the RDP and DNS were installed, someone try to install ZEN and PXE on the network and delete it.
The ZEN PXE server had the same IP adderss we are useing today on the DNS server.

When a PXE client boots and get an IP address from the DHCP he try to connect the DNS server (old PXE IP Address) insted of the new RDP (PXE)

Running snifer we find out that the dhcp give client option 67 and 68 (the name and the file name of the old installation)

On the DHCP there is no option listed like the 67 or the 68

Acualy there's even no option 60

How can i delete the old configuration for the DHCP Server ?
How do i add ( do i need to add) the new PXE parameters

Yariv Haguel
Occasional Visitor

Re: DHCP Gives old pxe address

Problem solved.
There was an OLD dhcpproxy on the network.

Thank you :-)