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HP SPP scripting and starting HPSUM

Jack Alexander
Occasional Contributor

HP SPP scripting and starting HPSUM

Using the SPP2012010.2012_0119.47.iso, Im PXE booting it in a Linux environment. I want to control how the HPSUM is run.


Is there some scripting toolkit that works with SPP and HPSUM?


For example,


 How can I change the log location so it goes to my NFS mounted PBShost instead of the local drive.


 How can I change it so it doesn't set the ontime boot to harddisk  after a successful firmware update?


 How can I get the status tof the HPSUM run back to my PXEhost?

James Ayvaz

Re: HP SPP scripting and starting HPSUM

I think you'll have to roll your own solution for the time being.  You can use the Linux toolkit as a starting point to write your own bash scripts to glue everything together.


General strategy:

  1. PXE boot the toolkit

  2. Mount the SPP iso (nfs, cifs, others...) and copy the contents to the ramdisk or other local location.

  3. run hpsum in silent mode ( i.e. ./hpsum /s /inputfile input.txt ).

  4. Send logs and status back to your PBShost / PXEhost.


Hope that helps.