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HP SUM Loading screen going round??

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HP SUM Loading screen going round??

I cannot seem to run HP SUM (09.2014 version) on most of my servers - when it runs Inernet Explorer 10 it just states loading and the arrow thing goes round and round but does not proceed.


I decided to try Firefox on one of my test servers (which also had the issue above) and that works fine..


Do you know what settings on IE is blocking the bit where it needs to proceed past the initial Loading screen? I have so far given everything a shot (security settings and pop-up etc) but I still get the same issue?? I cannot install Firefox on all servers (there are thousands of them and security will not allow it) I need this to work on IE10....any ideas?



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Re: HP SUM Loading screen going round??

Hi, have a look at "If your server is running Windows Server® 2012, click Configure this local server to open the Local Server configuration page. Then, in the Properties area, next to IE Enhanced Security Configuration, click On to open the Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration dialog. " Turn off for administrators This was solution for me under 2012R2 IE11