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Re: RAID not rebuilding

John Wiley
Occasional Contributor

RAID not rebuilding

We replaced a faulty hard drive on our server, and get a "The logical drive is queued for rebuilding" status message. Looking at the diagnostics, there is a message "Rebuild Aborted From Read Error." Attached is the full output of the diagnostic utility.

I would like to know if it is possible to rebuild the array? If not, is the other drive faulty as well?
David Orwig
Regular Advisor

Re: RAID not rebuilding

Same thing happened to me while rebuilding a drive that had been inadvertantly pulled and reseated. It seemeds to never finish.

If yours is RAID 5 with no spare and one drive is dead and another has read errors, you might be restoring from tape. Insight manager doesn't do a good job reporting read errors (seems like a high threshold). If someone has indepth knowledge in this area, please don't hold back...