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RDP + PXE + Linux SmartStart Scripting + hponcfg

Clint Phillips
Occasional Advisor

RDP + PXE + Linux SmartStart Scripting + hponcfg

My ESX hosts are currently deloyed via RDP via Linux PXE, kickstart jobs and post o/s jobs. The one piece I am having an issue with is configuring my ilo settings in ESX. I don't want to install HPONCFG on the local esx host and am trying to do remotely by sending commands via Linux PXE from RDP.

Is this possible? I've extracted the linux scripting toolkit to a folder on my deployment share, booted the ESX host into Linux PXE and when I run hponcfg I am getting the an error with selinux being enabled and an error loading a or library.

I've read about PXE booting the SS scripting toolkit itself but not sure how to incorporate that into RDP as I want this to run as a job.

Suggestions are appreciated.

Jimmy Vance
Honored Contributor

Re: RDP + PXE + Linux SmartStart Scripting + hponcfg

The advantage to running hponcfg on the local system is you don't need a valid username/password. I don't use RDP and do all my setup configs using the SmartStart Scripting Toolkit for Linux. I haven't tried integrating the SSSTK PXE boot from with RDP so I can't help there.

If you know the iLO administrative password another option is to send the XML via the perl script included in the Lights-Out XML PERL Scripting Sample for Linux package

If your working with blades you can send the XML via the hponcfg command within the enclosures Onboard Administrator

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