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RDP - Read Windows Image job

desideri roberto
New Member

RDP - Read Windows Image job

I've RDP Altiris deployment console 6.9 SP1, and doing a job for a disk image that span multiple output files, I have two problems:

1- the name of the file created are in the DOS form 8.3 (so I've the first 7 characters, the tilde and than the extension .002)

2- the copy start and end, but the job never ends. On the client side (intesad of the normal message "connection closed, session terminated") I've the following error message:
-connected to server wait for reply
-connection failed. Error the server is not responding or not running.

The image produced is not usable, you can not open it with the image explorer.

The strange is that I can run the same job against other blades (same model same OS, and none of the above problems appear.

The used capacity of the disk I'm trying to copy is 17 GB.

Can anywone give an help?

Thanks a lot
roberto desideri
desideri roberto
New Member

Re: RDP - Read Windows Image job

the problem is related to the size of the disk of the client that I'm trying to image.

Some timeout on the server / client side ?

roberto desideri