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RDP for Deployment Solution Only

Adam Petersen
Occasional Contributor

RDP for Deployment Solution Only

I need to install RDP onto our Altiris Deployment Solution server. I have been unable to find a version of RDP designed for Deployment Solution only. All the downloads for RDP try to install to a Notification Server which we are not using at this time. Can some one help me find RDP for Altiris Deployment Solution which is non integrated with Notification Server or maybe there is only one install but please let me know.

Adrian Clint
Honored Contributor

Re: RDP for Deployment Solution Only

Get the latest RDP CD from here

Then all you should need to do is run setup.exe found on in the PIM subdirectory on the RDP CD.
But what version of DS are you using?

Someone at Altiris mentioned to me today that there may need to be a registry patch to allow normal DS to use the PIM. But Altiris support should be able to tell you this if its needed.

I dont remember RDP needing to install NS so that must be really old media.