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10GBe nic in 4x PCIe slot - how slow?


10GBe nic in 4x PCIe slot - how slow?

I have a DL580G7 with a newly added nc522sfp 10GBe nic that was added to a 4x pci slot because that's all that was available. The two 8x slots already have HBA's installed. I understand that the 10GBe will work optimally in an 8x slot but is supported in a 4x slot. My question is how fast should we be seeing network throughput over this card? This card is basically in addition to the onboard nics and is serving on a backup network only. We see about 100 - 120 MB/s max throughput when running backups and we'd like it to be faster. The OS is Win2kr2. I'm trying to figure out if the slowness is totally due to the 4x slot or is other things need to be tweaked. Does anyone have any experience here?


THX> Eric


Jan Soska
Honored Contributor

Re: 10GBe nic in 4x PCIe slot - how slow?


I doubt you are limited by 4x PCIe slot bandwith. This server has PCIe 2.0, 4x link bandwith is at least 2000MB in one direction... If you doubt, temporary put it in 8x slot. I think you are limited by other components/network.