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10Gb 2-port 561FLR-T slow copy speed

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10Gb 2-port 561FLR-T slow copy speed

We have purchased a couple off 10Gb 2-port 561FLR-T put them I DL380 GEN8 servers and one HPE 5900AF-48XGT (10 GB switch). The cables are CAT 6 max length 2 M.


We have tried almost every settings, 10 GB full duplex on nic and switch. Testing different settings enable, disable Virtual machine ques, increase/de crease checksum, buffers and ………


Whatever we do the file copying never passes 300 MB/s .

What settings should I have on the NIC to get most throughput?


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Re: 10Gb 2-port 561FLR-T slow copy speed


Sounds like something else might set the limit for how fast things can be sent or recieved. For exampel how fast is your Harddrive that you are copying from? or can the drive/computer/share you are copying to write the information at enough speed to utilize the full 10Gb?


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Re: 10Gb 2-port 561FLR-T slow copy speed


If you have just 2 hosts both connected to 10 Gbps ports on the same Switch you should be able to test "host-to-host" link performance just using iperf (that's valid also for 1 Gbps<-->10 Gbps connections): iperf will help you to understand if there are bottlenecks.

It's difficult that a single host-to-host file transfer, even if it was done relying on very fast disks on both hosts, is able to completely saturate a 10 Gbps link...probably the same test can easily saturate a single 1 Gbps link (about 110/120 MBps), a real scenario would be many 1 Gbps connected Clients that - concurrently - transfer big files to a single 10 Gbps connected Server. If Server can sustain concurrent disk I/Os imposed by Clients...Clients can try to saturate the 10 Gbps link Server<-->Switch and, probably, they will easily saturate theirs Client<-->Switch respective links.

Also keep in mind that involved hosts Operating Systems, MTU and NICs drivers/firmwares play all a role on performance.