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10GigE performance HELP needed!

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10GigE performance HELP needed!

Hi folks -

been trying some time to figure out what our bottle neck is whith our proliant servers that have 10Gbe sfp plugged in to them they are model : HP NC522SFP dual ports.. We are barely getting 1Gbit performance out of these. The 1Gb interfaces that are in these servers are disabled. The network guy has double checked the Cisco Nexus switches, we do not use jumbo frames. If I copy a 5 GB file to another server across the LAN with the identical 10Gb sfp in them I would get about 280Gb/hour transfer.


The servers are DL380 G6 and have win 2k8 r2 enterprise on them. 36 GB of RAM (2) physical procs of x5560 @2.80GHz. When montioring the performance it barely utilizes any resources.. The driver version is qlogic


Is there any settings in hardware or software I need to uncover to open the flood gates of 10GbE nirvana? I really want to take advanatge of our investment.