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120 DL G6 Boot problems

Occasional Contributor

120 DL G6 Boot problems

I buyed Proliant DL 120 G6 Server. With array raid contoller.
This is log of my problems.
1)i tried install Debian Lenny from CD. During install, mesages told me that she dont have driver on CD-ROM. Ok, probably instal CD do not contain driver for sata controler.
2) I made boot USB-Flash with debian. Instalation finished normaly. With RAID partitioning no problems. When i seted boot priority to smart array, she dont want boot (only black screen with blink cursor after array inizialization). When i again make first boot drive - USB-FLASH, server booted from hdd array????!!!!!! (only one time!!!). After reboot, server dont wanted boot not from HDD, not from USB, strange.
3) I decided try boot from CD windows 2003 and 2008, and recived only black screen with blinking cursor.
4) i tryed change SATA mode. I set "disabled".
now a recive only post screen and nothing more, even cant enter to bios.

And some other things. First time when i power on server, i cant enter bios, i entered bios only when pressed ESC button (for skip array configeration). if do not pres ESC, server stops with post screen and can be rebooted only by power button. (very strange things)
Also in post screen i have agly message "No TPM or TPM has problem.

Now i cant do nothing... Help me.... please