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1280x1024 on HPDL380g4 using Win2008R2 out-of-range.

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1280x1024 on HPDL380g4 using Win2008R2 out-of-range.

On HPDL380g4, i can get 1280x1024 to work from the Linux installed machines, but NOT from Windows 2008 R2 using the exact same monitor. I set Win2008R2 to 1280x1024 and the LCD monitor turns black displaying "out-of-range".

Within windows, i tried both the Super VGA 1280x1024 driver and the Flat Planel LCD 1280x1024 driver in addition to the default VGA.

I decreased the number of color bits from 24bits to 16bits just like in Linux to get it to work. Still No Joy from Win2008R2. Yes, works in Linux, NOT windows.

I don't see anywhere to adjust refresh rate.

Anybody know how to get 1280x1024 from your HPDL380g4 running Windows 2008 R2?