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130W+ one socket server, cheap and fast - when?

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130W+ one socket server, cheap and fast - when?

I'm using HP server for HFT trading.

In HFT it's preffered to use single-processor config (no QPI latancy, no NUMA etc)

Recent processors offer up to 18(!) cores, this is enough for HFT in most cases.


So dual CPU config become RARE now. With recent processors people don't need DUAL-CPU configs.


Previously, in 2013, we were using dual-cpu config, because 6-8 cores is not enough. But with recent processors with 12+ cores we don't need dual-cpu config anymore.


However DL120 Gen 9 and even DL160 Gen9 still offer 105W cpu maximum.


I would like to buy performance, server, it must be fast, it must have dedicated iLO, it must support 130W+ cpu and it must be single-cpu.


If it is not possible to design such server, then at least it makes sense to create DL360 Gen9 pre-configured model with one fast processor (2690 v3 or 2695 v3 or 2697v3)

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Re: 130W+ one socket server, cheap and fast - when?

You can always order a Gen9 box using the CTO option, which lets you specify all of the things you need like memory, CPU, etc.


I think all of the pre-configured models are going to be dual processor for the top-end CPUs, but with CTO you can specify just one 18-core CPU if that's all you really want.


Make sure you configure the memory to optimize it's speed to, like being able to enable the interleaving option by having at least 2 DIMMs per channel (and if I remember, with HP memory you can go 3 DPC and still maintain the highest memory speed, on Gen8 v2 and Gen9 boxes...Gen8 v1 and older servers would knock down the mem speed once you went to 3 DPC).


HP's servers that only have one CPU socket are usually designed to be high-density/low-cost boxes so they aren't really designed for CPUs that run hot.  You're right about that.


Re: 130W+ one socket server, cheap and fast - when?

Hello @javapowered,


Looks like you got some great advice from Warronb.  I recommend visiting the HP Russian Partner Locator to find a local contact who can confirm what products are available in your area, and walk you through the CTO options that meet your requirements.  Page 3 of this White Paper lists recommended configurations for ML, BL, DL, SL and XL Gen9 servers to support low latency applications.