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16 Gb FC HBA for Proliant ML 370 Gen 5

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16 Gb FC HBA for Proliant ML 370 Gen 5

cid:C4750AB5-16D5-4DD7-A332-90DFEFDC65F2Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 6.41.31 AM.png

These are the list of documented FC HBAs for ML370 G5 server. I wonder if anybody have tried 16 Gb HBA FC card. If so which part number? Or else if anybody can point me to compatible 16 Gb HBA FC card for the given model, I really appreciate it!


Re: 16 Gb FC HBA for Proliant ML 370 Gen 5

Given the x4 PCI 2 bus in this model, I don't believe you'd be able to fully drive a 16GB card so perhaps a waste. However, I would imagine that most 16GB cards should function in the server (while not being officially qualified). Unfortunately I don't have a known good model to share with you but perhaps someone else has experience they can provide. 

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