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1611 FAN4 MISSING on DL380 G6

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1611 FAN4 MISSING on DL380 G6

Hi Guys,

I have DL380 G6 server which recently started to display fan 4 warning on the systems insight display. The server is working fine, however when I reboot the server it beeps and shows during POST that error 1611 fan 4, fan 5 and fan 6 are missing "Fan Solution Not Fully Redundant". The server has one processor so it needs only 3 fans to work and additional fan as a redundant. I did install new working fans on slot 5 and slot 6 and powered on the server, the error has changed to only fan 4 missing which is not spinning while the fans 5 & 6 are spinning perfectly. I did swap the new fans with fan 4 but all are not working on slot 4.

Please help if anyone faced this issue on DL380 G6.

Thank you





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Re: 1611 FAN4 MISSING on DL380 G6

Did you fix it?
Same problem here with 5+6 in dual CPU system ... thus not booting anymore