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1611 Fan Error on Bootup - Proliant 2500R

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1611 Fan Error on Bootup - Proliant 2500R

I received the 1611 - Fan Error on Bootup of my Compaq Proliant 2500R.
I replaced the fan with a compaq fan from another 2500 to test and still receive the same error message during bootup.
What do I need to do to reset or remove this error so my Server will finish it's bootup process ?

Honored Contributor

Re: 1611 Fan Error on Bootup - Proliant 2500R


On the older Proliant 2500 you would get this if the fan cables were on the wrong connectors. I.E the CPU fan was plugged into the I/O fan pins and the I/O fan was plugged into the CPU fan pins on the small interconnect backplane.

Since it's only the CPU fan which is monitored for a sense signal (spin), the lack of this signal from the I/O fan cable (not used)produces the error.

Try swapping them around.

I hope this helps,

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Re: 1611 Fan Error on Bootup - Proliant 2500R

Thanks for the speedy reply.
I will try that although I did exchange the fan itself with another working 2500R that I have and it didn't repair the problem.
I'm wondering or do you know if since we did change the fan is there somewhere in the BIOS that I have to "reset" the fan or settings or something ?